Liebster Blog Part 2: 11 facts about me

1. I am horrible at remembering numbers (dates, addresses, # of years old, etc.), but can remember visuals easily. I never forget a face, and can find my car in any parking lot! If I've been someplace once, I can get back there again easily, even after years have gone by.

2. I love silence. I can't really concentrate with any noise in the background. in my car, I hate listening to the radio. I'm continually scanning stations to find a song I am in the mood for. Mostly, it is turned off.

3. With each passing year, I long for a job where I can leave work and be done with work for the day. I'd change careers in a heartbeat, but I'm too close to retirement and could never get a salary/benefit package that I could make work w/my lifestyle at this point. And I really can't think of an alternate career that I would love.

4. My dream vehicle would be a horse.

5. One of my greatest fears is of being trapped under water. It took me two days to be able to breathe through scuba gear while standing in shallow water in the ocean. I could/would NEVER dive into something--watching people explore underwater caves totally freaks me out.

6. I hate wide ruled paper. Why don't they make narrow ruled paper anymore? College ruled is NOT the same. I love Moleskine notebooks for that reason. And don't even get me started on writing utensils...

7. In a sweet v. savory throw down for snacks, savory would win hands down. I'd take a bowl of real-buttered popcorn over chocolate any day. I wish bacon came in snack packs.

8. Avocados and artichokes make me physically ill. I also can't eat cilantro, though it doesn't make me sick. I have a physical reaction to eucalyptus smell, too. Worst smell in the world? Patchouli. HATE! I suspect that somehow all of the above mentioned things share some scientific, evil link...

9. I love the 80s--music, style, jargon...

10. I love the sound of the French horn. And the oboe. When played well.

11. My personal mascot is the Cheshire Cat.

Too much information?  :)

And here are my OOTDs from the past few days:

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