Bling, bling! Some awesome J.Crew jewelry moved to clearance!

Heads-up! I went in to return some catalog items and found a ton of jewelry on the clearances table! Ram and Giraffe head bracelets, anchor pendant & bracelet, many colors of the enamel bangles... !!! :)

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Up North

Hey, all!
Yesterday I actually got motivated to snap an OOTD photo! (it was cool enough to wear this sweater/pants combo yesterday morning--swapped for standard summer, non-photo-worthy shorts & tank by 3 pm...)

Went into B&M to look at the sale section before the 30% off promo ends. Ended up coming home with....a pair of shoes.

I got the Marci patent wedge sandals in Casablanca blue for about $50. Too good of a deal to pass by; now I've got a navy pair if the Penelope Mary janes don't work.

Up north for the weekend. Shoulda packed my winter coat...it's chilly up here! Guess that beats the alternative!

Thanks for reading!

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eBay damage...

Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  (Well, actually, very pretty, but not to my wallet.)  I found two long looked for items on eBay this past week.  One of them,

And just what did I find/buy?

J. Crew Penelope Mary Janes in yellow/green and blue/blue!  I couldn't decide which color to get.  So I bought both. I guess in the larger scheme of possible shoe prices, I got a great deal.  I didn't pay their full retail selling price, but I did pay more than I would have liked to.  (Shoe images courtesy of the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear blog site.)  I'm not sure I'll end up keeping both pairs of shoes, but if I don't, I would think I could resell and recoup the price I paid.
The other find?  The "Name that print!" sweater!  (Still seeking the name of the print...  Anyone...?) Sorry about the tiny image; I got it from the eBay listing.

I've spent this past week cleaning.  I've successfully cleaned out one of my closets.  (Pile #1 taken to a charitable donation center.)  Pile #2 is huge; it's the better quality items I thought I would bring to a consignment store, but the pile is so big that the task of pressing/hanging is too much.  I'd just love to photograph, publish and sell. I'm wondering, does anyone have any advice for selling things on your blog?  I have visited a number of blogs whose owners do this. I'd like to give it a try!

Thanks for reading; and thanks for taking the time to comment if you have advice about selling!


Gift stash finds & new arrival crushes

I have a few blogs I follow; one of them is About All and Nothing at All.  She posted what she ended up purchasing for the 30% off sale, and included in her list were the square silk scarves--for gifts.  What a great idea!  I am always running around last minute for gifts for friends' birthdays, and my husband is notorious for waiting for the last minute for his mom/sister's birthdays.  So I went back to J.Crew to get a few scarves for a gift stash.  I found four different patterns, each for less than $9.  I also found a blank journal titled "Frogs I Have Kissed and Loved" in the clearance area for $4.75.  A great start, I think. 

Of course I found a few more personal items:

*New Arrival Crushes*

(Love the jacket, but not the price tag!)

Did anything new catch your eye?

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J.Crew 30% off damage...

Hey, all,
So I trucked out to the mall today to check out the 30% off sale.  Here's what I came home with:

Pencil Skirt in neon pink
$20.82 w/teacher discount.  Although I think the color is uber bright, for that price, I'll give it a try.
Chambray Schoolboy Blazer
$59.49 w/teacher discount.  A wardrobe staple.  I love the fit of the schoolboy blazers!
Brompton Mini-hobo in Safari Cat
$59.49 w/teacher discount.  Too cute (and lightweight!) to pass by.
On my receipt, this bracelet is called the Color Block Link Bracelet.  I couldn't find it online.  The collection of jewelry continues...
$17.84 w/teacher discount.

Total damage:  $163.27.

Other items I had but chose to pass on included the Audra patent sandal in bright dahlia and the Double-strand resin link giraffe necklace.  The one item I wish I'd found in my size? The  Lucille dress in scalloped eyelet.  I think this is the dress I saw in the store; IRL it looked more blue than the online photo.

I stopped in Barnes & Noble, and a sales associate was wearing this Great Gatsby T-Shirt.  I got myself one @ Len Druskin for $22.  It's made by a company out of Brooklyn called Out of Print Clothing; they sell all sorts of book cover themed t-shirts and merchandise.  Unnecessary, but very cool, indeed!  The kids will love it!

I'm headed to the dentist early tomorrow morning to "get some work done." (I HATE going to the dentist!)  Wish me luck!

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Smack Down and Throw Out

Man, does it feel good to purge!  With all of my immediate paperwork done at school, I can "enjoy" packing things up to move to my new classroom.  Sometimes it takes a move to make me realize how much useless clutter I have accumulated!  I've been ruthless about what I toss--I have folders with lesson plans in them from the 1980s!  Things I haven't looked at in over a year are getting tossed.  Buh-bye!  My plan is to get it all done tomorrow.  Then, look out house!  You're next! 

Too.  Much.  Stuff.

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Aah, Summer!

You are finally here!  We've been watching and waiting for you for a while now.  It's time to sit on the back deck, read books, watch the birds and enjoy being lazy!

This is actually my buddy, Max, scared out of his brain at someone drilling/sanding/electric-tool-using down the alley somewhere.  When he's scared, he literally attempts to crawl into my skin.  (Note the paw curled tightly around my arm...) All bark, no bite.  Despite his quirks, he makes me laugh every day.  Nothing wrong with that!
 Here's my OOTD.  J. Smiley spent the last day with me and the students.

Happy?  Sad?  Hugs goodbye...and prayers they'll all return safe and sound in September.

And here's how I spent the afternoon with my favorite colleague and friend.  Others invited got a text message with this picture:
"Where are you?!"
 Then...not too long afterwards:                
(The bartender helped us stage an empty pitcher photo.) : )  It was a great way to end the day/year!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow; a bunch of staff meet on this day annually and walk around one of the nearby lakes, ending at a colleague's house for coffee, then zipping off to somewhere for the end of the year staff breakfast.  At work, it's a record keeping day; I'll be wearing packing and cleaning clothes.  If I can get everything buttoned up, I'll be done for the school year.

As always, thanks for reading!   


Something's Fishy...


1 day left...
Thanks for reading!

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J. Smiley

It's Sunday night.  I've corrected all but 11 packets/projects and plan to get the rest done tomorrow morning.  Students for two more days, then some serious packing, as I'll be moving to a different room in my school for next year.  Whew!  The end is in sight.

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  I did a little gardening, a whole lot of yard lounging, and yes, I managed to make it to J.Crew.  The return queen (me) had a handful of catalog items to return, and, as usual, I found a few items.  I got a pair of suede Cece flats in wild berry, a small navy crystal brulee bracelet and a pyramid bracelet in grey and black, and I got two frog pendant necklaces--one for the school's secretary who loves frogs.  (I've been waiting for them to go further on sale to get one for her...)  All of these items were on sale.  I also got the frog pendant necklace.  You know, the expensive plastic and enamel one...not on sale.

The frog's been on my mind for two weeks now.  It was time to bring him home.  I think I'll name him. 
Jim Smiley.  

Name is from Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."  Jim is actually the guy who owned the frog; the frog's name is Dan'l Webster.  Not as cute.  I'll call the frog pendant frog Dan'l Webster.  The yellow one is J. Smiley.  Although I bought J. Smiley to wear with the eyelet dress I bought a few weeks ago, I saw a mannequin with a different outfit sporting the necklace today.  I just happen to have all the pieces at  home.  I'll more than likely be hanging with him tomorrow...if the pencil skirt still fits me...  : )

Well, it's getting late.  Here are my OOTDs from Thursday and Friday.

 Who'd have thought I'd be loving the Maxiskirt?  Not me!  I am stopping at two, though.  I've been wearing my other jersey one non-stop since I bought it.  Can you say comfortable?

Me in my trademark Jack Purcell sneakers.  What's not to love about smiles on the toes of sneakers? I think J. Smiley might have looked cool with this outfit...

That's it for now.
Thanks for reading!