eBay damage...

Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  (Well, actually, very pretty, but not to my wallet.)  I found two long looked for items on eBay this past week.  One of them,

And just what did I find/buy?

J. Crew Penelope Mary Janes in yellow/green and blue/blue!  I couldn't decide which color to get.  So I bought both. I guess in the larger scheme of possible shoe prices, I got a great deal.  I didn't pay their full retail selling price, but I did pay more than I would have liked to.  (Shoe images courtesy of the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear blog site.)  I'm not sure I'll end up keeping both pairs of shoes, but if I don't, I would think I could resell and recoup the price I paid.
The other find?  The "Name that print!" sweater!  (Still seeking the name of the print...  Anyone...?) Sorry about the tiny image; I got it from the eBay listing.

I've spent this past week cleaning.  I've successfully cleaned out one of my closets.  (Pile #1 taken to a charitable donation center.)  Pile #2 is huge; it's the better quality items I thought I would bring to a consignment store, but the pile is so big that the task of pressing/hanging is too much.  I'd just love to photograph, publish and sell. I'm wondering, does anyone have any advice for selling things on your blog?  I have visited a number of blogs whose owners do this. I'd like to give it a try!

Thanks for reading; and thanks for taking the time to comment if you have advice about selling!

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