J. Smiley

It's Sunday night.  I've corrected all but 11 packets/projects and plan to get the rest done tomorrow morning.  Students for two more days, then some serious packing, as I'll be moving to a different room in my school for next year.  Whew!  The end is in sight.

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  I did a little gardening, a whole lot of yard lounging, and yes, I managed to make it to J.Crew.  The return queen (me) had a handful of catalog items to return, and, as usual, I found a few items.  I got a pair of suede Cece flats in wild berry, a small navy crystal brulee bracelet and a pyramid bracelet in grey and black, and I got two frog pendant necklaces--one for the school's secretary who loves frogs.  (I've been waiting for them to go further on sale to get one for her...)  All of these items were on sale.  I also got the frog pendant necklace.  You know, the expensive plastic and enamel one...not on sale.

The frog's been on my mind for two weeks now.  It was time to bring him home.  I think I'll name him. 
Jim Smiley.  

Name is from Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."  Jim is actually the guy who owned the frog; the frog's name is Dan'l Webster.  Not as cute.  I'll call the frog pendant frog Dan'l Webster.  The yellow one is J. Smiley.  Although I bought J. Smiley to wear with the eyelet dress I bought a few weeks ago, I saw a mannequin with a different outfit sporting the necklace today.  I just happen to have all the pieces at  home.  I'll more than likely be hanging with him tomorrow...if the pencil skirt still fits me...  : )

Well, it's getting late.  Here are my OOTDs from Thursday and Friday.

 Who'd have thought I'd be loving the Maxiskirt?  Not me!  I am stopping at two, though.  I've been wearing my other jersey one non-stop since I bought it.  Can you say comfortable?

Me in my trademark Jack Purcell sneakers.  What's not to love about smiles on the toes of sneakers? I think J. Smiley might have looked cool with this outfit...

That's it for now.
Thanks for reading!


  1. love your outfits,esp. the one with the green jacket.so cute!

  2. I love that frog pendant! I also love your maxi skirt!