J.Crew 30% off damage...

Hey, all,
So I trucked out to the mall today to check out the 30% off sale.  Here's what I came home with:

Pencil Skirt in neon pink
$20.82 w/teacher discount.  Although I think the color is uber bright, for that price, I'll give it a try.
Chambray Schoolboy Blazer
$59.49 w/teacher discount.  A wardrobe staple.  I love the fit of the schoolboy blazers!
Brompton Mini-hobo in Safari Cat
$59.49 w/teacher discount.  Too cute (and lightweight!) to pass by.
On my receipt, this bracelet is called the Color Block Link Bracelet.  I couldn't find it online.  The collection of jewelry continues...
$17.84 w/teacher discount.

Total damage:  $163.27.

Other items I had but chose to pass on included the Audra patent sandal in bright dahlia and the Double-strand resin link giraffe necklace.  The one item I wish I'd found in my size? The  Lucille dress in scalloped eyelet.  I think this is the dress I saw in the store; IRL it looked more blue than the online photo.

I stopped in Barnes & Noble, and a sales associate was wearing this Great Gatsby T-Shirt.  I got myself one @ Len Druskin for $22.  It's made by a company out of Brooklyn called Out of Print Clothing; they sell all sorts of book cover themed t-shirts and merchandise.  Unnecessary, but very cool, indeed!  The kids will love it!

I'm headed to the dentist early tomorrow morning to "get some work done." (I HATE going to the dentist!)  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks like you got some great items! I was happy that the teacher discount could be applied on top of the promo. The neon skirt for $20 is quite a deal even though it may not get a lot of wear. I got the medallion paisley skirt for the same price. I too was disappointed that my store did not have the Lucille dress in my size. I feel your pain about going to the dentist--I hope it's not too painful!

  2. nice buys,i really like the pink pencil skirt.
    the prices are so much better instore than online!