Name that print....

(Now, I'm just showing off...soooooo easy to upload photos now!)

Here's a question for you J.Crew-addicts: what is the name of the print on the pants (right) in this photo? Quest item: the sweater in this print! Can't find it online...

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Attempting to blog from my iPad...

I bought a new iPad this weekend, and am testing if it will load pictures. Here goes...


Note: this was a knock off bubble necklace. No love--ended taking it off half way through the day. The chain HURT! Scratchy! Bummer!

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Hey, all!  It's so freaking cold here, I could almost pull out some sweaters and boots!  I guess that beats the alternative!  You can always put more on; you can only take so much off...

Here's my OOTD:
Not a fan of the pants--looks like I'm ready for a flood!--but they are the only black pants I have that fit right now...  Oof-da! 

(Still in pain from gardening this weekend...)

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eBay Stalking Rewarded!

What a wonderfully long and relaxing weekend! Gave myself a full body work out cleaning up the flower beds in the back yard. I do this every year; you think I'd learn!

I managed to steer clear of the malls this weekend, until today. I found the aqua Jardin Maxiskirt in the sale room today @ J.Crew. Love the color; can't wait to wear it. But the big hooray came when I got home. My #1 top 'quest to find' item was listed on eBay...at a reasonable price...and in a buy it now listing! Score! School of Fish skirt, you are MINE! Hooray! (Last summer I got outbid twice. Haven't seen one since, until today.)

Me so happy! :)

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3 Day Weekend! Yay!

The end of the school year is exhausting.  There's so much to do.  Trying to keep up, but not doing a great job at it.  Here are my OOTDs from this past week.  Hope your long weekend is enjoyable!


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How J.Crew gets into my wallet

I am really excited about the upcoming CNBC special this week about J.Crew/merchandising.  There is a different "feeling" to two of the B&M stores here in the metro.  Store #2 is the largest and brightest; store #1 often has the best selection of merchandise, but is smaller and darker.  I went to return a catalog purchase yesterday at #1 and checked out the new merchandise while I was there.  Not impressed.  Later in the day, I went to #2 and I ended up purchasing five items.  It was the Lucille dress that ignited my shopping spree.  I remember seeing this dress hanging on a side wall in #1.  Thought, "Nice yellow," and passed it by. It may have been on a mannequin, but if it was, I didn't see/notice it.  #2 had the dress, fully accessorized, on a prominently placed mannequin.  Then I saw a customer walking around the store with the dress on.  I thought, "How cute!  I should try that on!" Some things are just better when you can see them on a body vs. on a hanger.  And when you've made the commitment to try on/buy one thing, it is easier to try on/buy more.  I bet they know that.

So what did I buy?  Total splurge!  I used my rewards card and my teacher discount, but it was still a hefty total.  I got:

1.  The Lucille dress in lace in bright sun.
This dress is quite a charmer; I highly recommend trying it on!  Unlike the previous basket weave yellow shift dress, this one has a darling look and detail to the sleeves--I was not self-conscious about my arms with this style.  The fabric is more durable and wearable (won't snag), the skirt length is longer, and the fit is wonderful--true to size.  A cheerful, bright dress easily dressed up or down, imo.

Side note on merchandising strategy:   (I was tempted to purchase the skinny leather belt in English saddle and the double strand resin link frog necklace in light citron, just because they were displayed with the dress and looked so darling! But I was strong! I figured I should shop my closet for a comparable belt before buying another and wasn't sure about the frog.  This morning, the frog is still haunting my thoughts; I may have to go back and get him...)

2.  The #2 pencil skirt in raj paisley.
I have been eyeballing the raj paisley pencil skirt for some time.  I love paisley prints, but I had already purchased the sovereign paisley, so I kept passing it by.  Does a girl really need two paisley print pencil skirts?  But, while in the fitting room, someone was trying this skirt on, and, as usual, it looked so cute on them that I had to give it a try.  I was already in there.  Adorable (of course).  Comments?  Are these two paisley skirts too similar to justify having both in a wardrobe?  Or are the colorways different enough to justify having them both? 

3.  The stripe linen open-stitch sweater in indigo/white.
Love.  The sweater runs generously.  I recommend going down a size, as the fabric has quite a bit of give and could easily become too long just from the weight/drape of the fabric.  I love the feel and drape of linen sweaters!

4.  The sailor boat neck tee in maraschino cherry.
This tee needs no comments other than that it runs quite small; I recommend going up one size as there is not the same "give" to the heavier fabric of this tee as in other thinner tees.  I've been patiently waiting for something in red stripes to show up.  : )  There are quite a few other color options, too.

5.  Raindrop lace top in apricot mist.
On sale.  Nothing more need be said.

Comments on the Collection silk crepe printed popover:
This is the one item I spotted online and instantly fell in lust with.  I asked about it, and the SA went to the back room and brought one out!  It was a size small, (I usually take a M or L in tops), but I was able see it in person, and since the cut was so generous, I decided to try it on.  Sadly, there are some details that I would definitely NOT shell out the $225 for.  First, the print is on the front and back and is to die for, but there is something about the shirt in person that falls short of the picture online.  I think it had to do with the print.  I could be wrong, but it looked dyed/painted/printed vs. part of the actual fabric design.  Maybe that's the only way to do it?  And there is something about the trim of the orange/red around the hounds tooth that I wish were a bit more detailed/expensive looking--maybe a separately sewn in fabric strip or ribbon to warrant the price? I know nothing about clothing construction, but the blouse just didn't look $225 expensive.  Secondly, the fit/style is a risk.  The sleeves are fitted/normal, but the bodice is very generous.  Probably easy for someone who is smaller on top to pull off than someone, like me, who is larger on top.  I will keep an eye on this shirt online and hope it makes it to a sale price.  Even with these concerns, I sure would love to have it in my wardrobe!

Things I tried and passed on:
Scoop neck blouse in color block stripe; just didn't like the color combination--the peach did me in.
Scoop neck blouse in anchors aweigh; it's a pass for me on anchors as a print; do love the buttons with anchors on them, though.
Silk bow cami in stripe; bow seemed limp and the fabric button holes loops were tight to pull buttons through--questionable longevity.  And, I would need to buy a bra to wear with it.

No pictures to share this time, but you can look forward to seeing the items I purchased sometime soon!

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Is it Friday yet?

I don't think I'm going to make it through this week.  Seriously!  Running to stand still.  Want to snuggle up under a blanket with my two mini dachshunds and sleep until Monday.

Short post tonight.  OTDs from yesterday and today:

Look at me!  I'm a risk-taker!  Decided to give the indigo maxiskirt a try, and you know what?  I didn't hate it!  Would recommend it for the comfort factor alone--it was like wearing pjs all day!  Thanks, Ina, for giving me some encouragement!  Just what I needed.  I ended up adding my tortoise-look resin chain necklace to my outfit before I left, and a colleague surprised me with a J.Crew aqua enamel bracelet w/rhinestones in it that looked great with it, too.  {Mary!}
Then something more traditional today.  (Actually, I was surprised I made it to work today with any clothing on at all--it was that kind of a morning...)

Side note:  I've been given an opportunity to purchase the Trastevere dress I lost out on on eBay the other day; the buyer wants to sell it b/c it doesn't fit her.  Any advice?  It's got a really low back...but it is soooooo yummy!

I'm wondering if I'll make it to watch SVU tonight.  (My escape!) 

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To the Maxi?

This weekend my eBay stalking produced a curiosity/yearning to try a style I swore I never would.  The Maxi.  I tried to win the Trastevere dress on Sunday, thinking that if I were going to attempt this style, I might as well try it with something gorgeous.  I was outbid--and at a high price, too.  Probably all for the best, as this dress is one that fits a lifestyle I don't have. 

Having caught the fever, I went online to the J.Crew sale site looking for the Jersey maxiskirt figuring that I would risk $40 to try out the style.  (Never mind the fact that I've scoffed every time I've looked at it and have passed by a rack FULL of these skirts two or three weeks ago at my local B&M...at an additional 30% off to boot...)  Of course, by now, the only size available online was xl.  Thought I'd try my luck at the B&M stores, and lo-and-behold, one store had one left.  Size s.  Worth a try, right?  Well, it looked better than I thought it would!  The small was a good choice as a medium in the black/white striped pattern was too long.  Might have been a better fit up top, but I didn't want the hassle of having it hemmed.

Could've walked out of the store with my $40 purchase at this point, but of course I had to try on the same skirt in the heather indigo (not on sale).  The color is beautiful; it is lighter than what the online picture looks, and is so much more practical than the tuscan grape, imo.  A huge discussion/debate ensued with two or three SAs over which color I should buy.  Of course, I came home with both.  Less money for a trendy color that I won't wear much but for a sale price, or more money for the color I can/will wear with many items in my closet at the higher price.  A no-brainer IF I were convinced I'll wear the skirt at all this summer.  Clearly, I'm not ready to own two.  Today I'm leaning towards bringing them both back.  Certainly not a preppy look, and that's how I'd describe my overall style.  I am far from "earthy" or "hippie" which is what the maxi skirt speaks to me. 

BTW, the store was a-buzz near closing Sunday preparing to put out new merchandise for Monday (today).  It just never ends!  I always think, there can't be anything new to fall in love with, but then, there always is. 

Today's OOTD (much more my style!):
 I love the mint and red combination.  I went through a number of shoes and necklaces this morning until I found a combination that felt just right.  These Viv flats are awesome!  Really! 

BTW, I got my $12 red Bubble necklace from overseas.  I look forward to creating a post this summer comparing and contrasting the authentic bubble necklace with the knock-off.  (Will most definitely have to break out an actual camera to show the differences.)  With a close inspection, it's easy to tell the difference between the two.  The construction of and findings on the authentic necklace worthy of at least a few more dollars.  


When naps go bad

You know it's going to be a long week when you come home on Tuesday and need to take a nap--and wake up 2 1/2 hours later! Now I have to hope that I can fall asleep @ bedtime!  The horror!
I have been planning and coordinating a consultant visit to our school, and our visitor arrived today. Although my actual meeting time with the consultant was small, I was exhausted by the end of the day from all the running back and forth from my office to the meeting room hourly to introduce groups or to join in on classroom visits. And I get to do it again tomorrow. And teach. 

Fortunately, I planned to have my students 'power-read' through A Streetcar Named Desire so they could choose to use it for an IB (International Baccalaureate) written task if they wanted to. (We NEVER read things in their entirety in class together, so will be a treat for them; we'll go back in for a close read next week.)  The good news? They are hooked! I got us all started together by reading the first part of the first act aloud to them (voices and animation included); then they continued in mini-casts in which they all had assigned parts. At the end of the hour when I tried to call them all together to debrief, they actually shushed me! Didn't want to stop reading. (Insert Cheshire Cat grin here!) They left he room discussing the characters amongst themselves. What better gift can a teacher get than the seepage of learning and wondering out of the classroom into the hallways and beyond!? And of course, you'll soon hear my voice in the hall when I see one of them coming: "Stelllllaaaaaa!" :)   (It's the little things)  Happy, happy; joy, joy!

Here are my OOTDs from today...

...and Monday (a non-student staff development day).

Got my polka-dot messenger bag from Timbuk2 today; will take it to school on a trial run tomorrow. 

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Catching up

OK.  It's been a rather busy week.  Next week looks worse.  Short and sweet, here are my OOTDs from this week:

 And today:
Should've waited until tomorrow night and posted a whole week at once.  You never know; I might just have something to say tomorrow.  Not tonight.

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