Some J.Crew new arrivals reviews...& let downs...

Not that my wallet is complaining, but I went in to the B&M to try on some new arrivals that were just hitting the floor. Meh. Here are some things I tried on.

This is the #2 herringbone Wool skirt in manor purple & the accordian pleat top. The skirt is a gorgeous color/fabric, but does indeed run long, as others have suggested. The top was a beautiful color, but fit me poorly, I thought. It would be awesome under a sweater or jacket, but I wouldn't wear it alone. So then, what's the point. Heres a side view. I felt I looked round on top. I bet it would look awesome on someone less busty than me.

Next, I tried the Capri wool pants in turquoise. They were a pass, too. They showed every lumpy bump on my rump. I think other darker colors would look/hide better.

The tie-neck top in dot was also a pass. It looked/fit fine, but there was no love. Since I already have quite a few polkadot tops, it would have to be love to buy this. I did think the tie was odd placed off to the side of the collar. Left no option but to bow it up. Polkadots & bows? Too much for my style.

And here's the skirt I keep waiting to go on sale. I swore I'd buy no items at full price since they get marked down so fast. Someone must have heard my thoughts & are making a point with this one. I will wait...

So I bought only one fall item: the Tippi sweater in festival green that I have on with the skirt above. Why, you may wonder, did I not follow my no full price purchase rule with this sweater? I don't know. Fear for the color getting sold out fast? (the pink in my size was gone already...) But it did look awesome with the two skirts I found in the clearance section--obvious returns from someone.

For $30, I'll jump on the porcelain paisley bandwagon. And the seersucker skirt for $40 was a lucky find, too (looks better with the my tippi sweater/anything untucked...).

Here's the kicker--a different B&M had the porcelain paisley dress in my size in the clearance section ($60). Tried it on just because it was there & in my size (I honestly didn't think it was going to fit)....& I loved it. It was by far the most flattering thing I tried on today. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of it in the fitting room... So now I own the skirt & dress in porcelain paisley. Oy.

I think I'll use my rewards to get another tippi sweater (or two) &/or the striped skirt. Nothing else has my name on it. Yet.

Anyone else out there not thrilled with the new roll out?
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Last call 'till fall

Back from the Big Apple, napped up, and my feet have started to stop barking at me. Had a blast! I took very few pictures; no idea why (not)...but here is one I had my colleague snap on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I loved wearing this skirt, wind & all. Found the tee just before I left at The Gap--I think it could be shortened a bit, but for $6, it worked ok. That night I threw on the gray bubble necklace to jazz it up a bit.

Highlights from the trip: free NY Philharmonic concert in Central Park (Alec Baldwin was there--not that we could see him from where we were), hotel room w/fantastic view of the Chrysler Building, subway ride next to Queer Eye's Carson Kressley, witnessing a twilight zone-ish experience w/40+ strollers, nannies & mommies in Williamsburg and Junior's cheesecake. 6 J.Crew stores were visited in three days. Nicest, by far, was the Columbus Circle store; best deals/most merchandise was at Rockafeller Center. Only bought 3 things.

Did I nibble @ the 40% promo this morning? Why, yes I did. But I was good. I promised myself that this order will be my last purchase until fall/rewards card. For the promo discount, I ordered two things I really love & can't find/get in stores: the Viv flats in black & a Jackie Cardi in slate gray. I did order the straw Brompton Bag online while I was in NY; no % off, but it was a pop back & I got lucky. Sort of. I actually ordered two in my haste--the large one & the mini one. I am hoping to beg my PS to allow me to return one (I am a return-aholic, but have NEVER asked/tried to return a final sale item...). Otherwise, I'll list one on JCA.

Here are a few more pics from my trip.

Chrysler by day & night...

Hotel room w/90 degree view...

Central Park (you can just see the stage in the distance...)

Our Harlem jaunt included a meal @ Sylvia's.


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Greetings from the BIG Apple

Put some major miles on the flip-flops yesterday! Our hotel is in the Murray Hill neighborhood--walked up to the Madison Ave J.Crew stores & back; then to Times Square (colleague's request) & back. Got a cute collection top and a pair of sunglasses in the collection store. (Why do the sales people in the collection store have to be so snobby?! It's J.Crew, ladies, not Prada...). Will have to get my additional teacher discount back in the Minneapple; they wouldn't honor both. Lots of sequin skirts and other very impractical things there. Hit only one other regular store: the Rockefeller Center store. The sales section (huge) was like a fish feeding frenzy!!!! A bit too intense for me! I think I'll need to brave one more store and grab a pair of Saludos for my feet. Didn't take any pictures yesterday (what is wrong with me?!). Will do better today. :)

I <3 NYC!

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HELP! Quick advice needed!


I recently found one of the brompton mini-hobos in safari cat print returned and marked down in a B&M.  Two weeks later I had to return it b/c the twisty-fasterer-thingy came loose and wouldn't hold the bag closed any more.  : (  I really grew to love that purse!  Right size, right weight, right strap length...

My question:  Should I purchase the brompton gold leather mini-hobo (waaay on sale...) to replace the safari cat print one?  I am traveling to NYC on Monday for a conference and really want a mini-brompton bag to carry.  I have the only one in my area B& M stores one on hold for me through close tomorrow.  Should I get it, or is the gold color not a good choice?  If I were going to get a leather one, should I get a different color (not on sale) than gold? 
Any thoughts you could manage to send quickly would be GREATLY appreciated!

BTW, I look forward to posting OOTDs while in NYC next week!

Thanks in advance!