Greetings from the BIG Apple

Put some major miles on the flip-flops yesterday! Our hotel is in the Murray Hill neighborhood--walked up to the Madison Ave J.Crew stores & back; then to Times Square (colleague's request) & back. Got a cute collection top and a pair of sunglasses in the collection store. (Why do the sales people in the collection store have to be so snobby?! It's J.Crew, ladies, not Prada...). Will have to get my additional teacher discount back in the Minneapple; they wouldn't honor both. Lots of sequin skirts and other very impractical things there. Hit only one other regular store: the Rockefeller Center store. The sales section (huge) was like a fish feeding frenzy!!!! A bit too intense for me! I think I'll need to brave one more store and grab a pair of Saludos for my feet. Didn't take any pictures yesterday (what is wrong with me?!). Will do better today. :)

I <3 NYC!

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