Some J.Crew new arrivals reviews...& let downs...

Not that my wallet is complaining, but I went in to the B&M to try on some new arrivals that were just hitting the floor. Meh. Here are some things I tried on.

This is the #2 herringbone Wool skirt in manor purple & the accordian pleat top. The skirt is a gorgeous color/fabric, but does indeed run long, as others have suggested. The top was a beautiful color, but fit me poorly, I thought. It would be awesome under a sweater or jacket, but I wouldn't wear it alone. So then, what's the point. Heres a side view. I felt I looked round on top. I bet it would look awesome on someone less busty than me.

Next, I tried the Capri wool pants in turquoise. They were a pass, too. They showed every lumpy bump on my rump. I think other darker colors would look/hide better.

The tie-neck top in dot was also a pass. It looked/fit fine, but there was no love. Since I already have quite a few polkadot tops, it would have to be love to buy this. I did think the tie was odd placed off to the side of the collar. Left no option but to bow it up. Polkadots & bows? Too much for my style.

And here's the skirt I keep waiting to go on sale. I swore I'd buy no items at full price since they get marked down so fast. Someone must have heard my thoughts & are making a point with this one. I will wait...

So I bought only one fall item: the Tippi sweater in festival green that I have on with the skirt above. Why, you may wonder, did I not follow my no full price purchase rule with this sweater? I don't know. Fear for the color getting sold out fast? (the pink in my size was gone already...) But it did look awesome with the two skirts I found in the clearance section--obvious returns from someone.

For $30, I'll jump on the porcelain paisley bandwagon. And the seersucker skirt for $40 was a lucky find, too (looks better with the my tippi sweater/anything untucked...).

Here's the kicker--a different B&M had the porcelain paisley dress in my size in the clearance section ($60). Tried it on just because it was there & in my size (I honestly didn't think it was going to fit)....& I loved it. It was by far the most flattering thing I tried on today. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of it in the fitting room... So now I own the skirt & dress in porcelain paisley. Oy.

I think I'll use my rewards to get another tippi sweater (or two) &/or the striped skirt. Nothing else has my name on it. Yet.

Anyone else out there not thrilled with the new roll out?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I also have the porcelain paisley in the skirt and dress! It's a great classic pattern. I scored the dress for $22.49! :)