HELP! Quick advice needed!


I recently found one of the brompton mini-hobos in safari cat print returned and marked down in a B&M.  Two weeks later I had to return it b/c the twisty-fasterer-thingy came loose and wouldn't hold the bag closed any more.  : (  I really grew to love that purse!  Right size, right weight, right strap length...

My question:  Should I purchase the brompton gold leather mini-hobo (waaay on sale...) to replace the safari cat print one?  I am traveling to NYC on Monday for a conference and really want a mini-brompton bag to carry.  I have the only one in my area B& M stores one on hold for me through close tomorrow.  Should I get it, or is the gold color not a good choice?  If I were going to get a leather one, should I get a different color (not on sale) than gold? 
Any thoughts you could manage to send quickly would be GREATLY appreciated!

BTW, I look forward to posting OOTDs while in NYC next week!

Thanks in advance!


  1. There is a review of the gold hobo on andreas blog(lifesdivine.blogspot.com).
    I like the gold hobo for summer,but the safari cat could be year round,i think.

    1. Hadn't thought of that...thanks! With the 30% promo, I ordered the safari cat print online this morning. There were some luke-warm comments about the gold color on the JCA mothership...I'll have to go in and take a closer look today, I guess.

  2. Girl, you're going to NYC -- buy one there. I have the safari cat one and love it, but I have the larger size in the henna and love that color. The smaller size bag works better for me though. Can't comment on the gold color since I haven't seen it IRL.

    1. LOL I though about that! I even called the search specialist to see if I could find/have one put on hold for me in NYC. No luck. I've shopped J.Crews (emphasis on the 's') NYC before...it's nearly impossible to find clearance items there. And, I thought I'd rather spend my time drooling over collection items that aren't available here/online than hunting down a brompton bag. : )

  3. I wish I could be of help, but I'm pretty much useless when it comes to handbags! Your trip to NYC does sound exciting though!

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