To the Maxi?

This weekend my eBay stalking produced a curiosity/yearning to try a style I swore I never would.  The Maxi.  I tried to win the Trastevere dress on Sunday, thinking that if I were going to attempt this style, I might as well try it with something gorgeous.  I was outbid--and at a high price, too.  Probably all for the best, as this dress is one that fits a lifestyle I don't have. 

Having caught the fever, I went online to the J.Crew sale site looking for the Jersey maxiskirt figuring that I would risk $40 to try out the style.  (Never mind the fact that I've scoffed every time I've looked at it and have passed by a rack FULL of these skirts two or three weeks ago at my local B&M...at an additional 30% off to boot...)  Of course, by now, the only size available online was xl.  Thought I'd try my luck at the B&M stores, and lo-and-behold, one store had one left.  Size s.  Worth a try, right?  Well, it looked better than I thought it would!  The small was a good choice as a medium in the black/white striped pattern was too long.  Might have been a better fit up top, but I didn't want the hassle of having it hemmed.

Could've walked out of the store with my $40 purchase at this point, but of course I had to try on the same skirt in the heather indigo (not on sale).  The color is beautiful; it is lighter than what the online picture looks, and is so much more practical than the tuscan grape, imo.  A huge discussion/debate ensued with two or three SAs over which color I should buy.  Of course, I came home with both.  Less money for a trendy color that I won't wear much but for a sale price, or more money for the color I can/will wear with many items in my closet at the higher price.  A no-brainer IF I were convinced I'll wear the skirt at all this summer.  Clearly, I'm not ready to own two.  Today I'm leaning towards bringing them both back.  Certainly not a preppy look, and that's how I'd describe my overall style.  I am far from "earthy" or "hippie" which is what the maxi skirt speaks to me. 

BTW, the store was a-buzz near closing Sunday preparing to put out new merchandise for Monday (today).  It just never ends!  I always think, there can't be anything new to fall in love with, but then, there always is. 

Today's OOTD (much more my style!):
 I love the mint and red combination.  I went through a number of shoes and necklaces this morning until I found a combination that felt just right.  These Viv flats are awesome!  Really! 

BTW, I got my $12 red Bubble necklace from overseas.  I look forward to creating a post this summer comparing and contrasting the authentic bubble necklace with the knock-off.  (Will most definitely have to break out an actual camera to show the differences.)  With a close inspection, it's easy to tell the difference between the two.  The construction of and findings on the authentic necklace worthy of at least a few more dollars.  

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  1. i have the jersey maxiskirt in the heather navy and i love it.i already wore it multiple times(i have a review of it on my blog).
    now i am waiting for my amie maxi dress in stripe to arrive.
    sometimes it is good to try something different,i had to get used to the maxi trend too.