Smack Down and Throw Out

Man, does it feel good to purge!  With all of my immediate paperwork done at school, I can "enjoy" packing things up to move to my new classroom.  Sometimes it takes a move to make me realize how much useless clutter I have accumulated!  I've been ruthless about what I toss--I have folders with lesson plans in them from the 1980s!  Things I haven't looked at in over a year are getting tossed.  Buh-bye!  My plan is to get it all done tomorrow.  Then, look out house!  You're next! 

Too.  Much.  Stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy summer to you! I'm looking forward to cleaning out my classroom next week. It feels great to get rid of useless items which just take up too much space. Hope the move to your new classroom goes smoothly!