Gift stash finds & new arrival crushes

I have a few blogs I follow; one of them is About All and Nothing at All.  She posted what she ended up purchasing for the 30% off sale, and included in her list were the square silk scarves--for gifts.  What a great idea!  I am always running around last minute for gifts for friends' birthdays, and my husband is notorious for waiting for the last minute for his mom/sister's birthdays.  So I went back to J.Crew to get a few scarves for a gift stash.  I found four different patterns, each for less than $9.  I also found a blank journal titled "Frogs I Have Kissed and Loved" in the clearance area for $4.75.  A great start, I think. 

Of course I found a few more personal items:

*New Arrival Crushes*

(Love the jacket, but not the price tag!)

Did anything new catch your eye?

Thanks for reading!

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