First Day of School Tomorrow!

After a long and grueling week of staff development, the kids will finally be back tomorrow.  A large handful of them came in to say hi at our open house this week, but not all of them.  Tomorrow will be a great day.

Here are two of my outfits from this past week--gotta get back into the groove, people!  Keep forgetting to leave my iphone upstairs.  Or just running late (tough to get back into the swing of things!  The hardest part?  Eating and peeing by bells.  UGH!)

On THIS day (and the day before), it was so cold I froze my but off!  

 On THIS day, and the day after, it was way too hot!  Not sure that I like the Saludos.  I think I may have the kids "art them up" after school starts.  They could make a great pair of spirit shoes.
Too much time on the computer today making lesson plans keynote (ppt).  Must. Log. Off.

Thanks for reading!

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