Back from the abyss...

Hey, all. I haven't posted in a while. Lots of sh**to deal with here. Our house got broken into 2+ weeks ago. Not a pleasant experience. They recovered my iPad--just got it back today. Nothing else recovered yet. Lucky to have gotten something back, I guess. So, needless to say, all our attention has been focused on upgrading our home's security. Of all the things that were taken or that could have been taken, I was--and am--most concerned about our two mini dachshunds. They were home when the hose was broken into, so I am most thankful that they are both ok. Shaken, but here and alive. Material possessions can be replaced. Lives can't be.

Currently, we are doing repairs, replacements and reinforcements. We will be adding a security system, cameras and a new puppy to our home--a Doberman. We had an opportunity fall into our laps while we were researching and calling breeders--a breeder kept two puppies from the last litter (6 mo. old now) for possibility for showing. One she's trained herself, and the other has been with a professional trainer in Boston. We have been offered the pup she will not keep to show. Potty trained, ears done, trained...but still young enough to come into our home and bond with all of us. We're going to meet the pup this Sunday. I figure it's a little out of our hands--it's really up to the three dogs. Not ideal timing in some ways, but it looks like I'll have a companion on bicycle rides this spring if all works out well. :)

Hope to get some pictures of our potential new pooch to post on Sunday.

Needless to say, taking outfit pictures has been no priority lately. Hope to get back into the groove soon.

As always, thanks for reading.
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  1. Sorry to hear about the break-in.
    Hopefully it will not happen again with the upgraded security.
    I was wondering where you have been,i missed your posts:).