Damage done!

*sigh*, and I just had my card paid off...

Oh, J.Crew, how do you manage to get me to buy things when there's nothing to buy? With promos? Yup.

Dwindling piles of cashmere + 25% off sweaters = damage! Didn't go nuts, though. Just one. It was a struggle to choose between the navy merino Tippi and the cashmere one. Caved & got the cashmere. I don't own a navy sweater! Well, now I do. I also ended up buying some jewelry...the multi-strand faux pearl necklace, two bracelets & the green bubble earrings. My VPS made an error & told me ALL jewelry was 25% off (even though I argued with her about it--Me, "are you sure it's not just out if case pieces?" VPS, "No, all!"). They honored her error! I feel kind of bad about it. (MN nice.)

Here are my other weekend finds:

I got the striped top for $27, and found the cardi in a consignment store for $34--more than I'd usually spend on pre-owned, but the ruffles are awesome!

Mid quarter grades are due tomorrow, so I have a date with a pile of papers tonight. That, and soup. One batch of Tuscan bean stew down, chicken veggie on the stove. Hope your weekend was as pleasant as mine was!

Side note: I had close to $300 at the consignment store where I brought all my clothes this summer! All those trips don't seem quite so painful anymore.

Thanks for reading!

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