RIP Deckstripe Skirt

Well, this is how I went to work on Wednesday...

...and just as my seniors were about to come in, I bent down to file some papers in the bottom drawer of a file cabinet, and the back seam of the skirt exploded. Zipper to hem. I spent the next hour teaching from behind a podium backed into a corner. Thank goodness my seniors did not need me to mill about! If it had been with my juniors, I'd have been screwed. Wtf!?!!!

I'm afraid to re-order this skirt that I so loved again. The store associate offered to have the tailor fix & reinforce the seam, but now I just don't trust the skirt's construction--there are two other seams, after all... Boo!

Aside from a maroon cashmere sweater, I still see nothing of interest in the store. Again, Boo! I did order the featherweight cashmere cardigan in copper and a Tippi in ?pool green? this morning. Contemplating ordering the kaleidoscope capris, but I swore I'd not order another pair of crazy print pants. Too hard to re-wear, even with totally different top pieces.

Here is my OOTD from Thursday; I forgot to take a photo on Friday:

Thanks for reading!

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