White Rabbit

Theme for this week:  "I'm late!"  Monday I barely made it to work on time; Tuesday was the same.  Today, thankfully, I got back into the groove and was early.  Needless to say, Monday's outfit was a grab & dash--no creativity there.  Tuesday I wore the neon green eyelet pencil skirt with a dark blue silk sleeveless blouse and my yellow bubble necklace (needed something to wake me up, but no time to snap a photo).  Today, neon again--pink!

I liked my outfit today.  Didn't think I would ever wear this skirt; it was a super sale price from this summer (under $20?), but I did like it!  I found it fun. I bought the leopard patterned flats this summer at a thrift store (they're from Target) and decided I'd be willing to give the leopard loafer look a try for a price where I could afford to throw them away if never worn--$5.  The fit of the shoe is a bit wonky--they gap on the sides, so they're not my favorite, but I liked the look!  I think if I found the calf-hair version of these from JC on eBay at a reasonable price, I'd get them.  But these shoes are never are reasonably priced on eBay. 
(Time to retire the maxi skirt for the year...)
I found a white bubble necklace this weekend at my B&M.  It was on a mannequin.  It was on "sale" for $99.  (Wish I'd seen it when things were 30% off...maybe it was a return...)  Wasn't going to even touch it, but of course I did.  I tried it on--and loved it.  The white bubble earrings were also in the clearance bin for $25-ish.  Plus the teacher discount off both sale prices.

I am HORRIBLE!  I now own 4 of these necklaces. (Only two purchased in stores, the other two I got for under $20 each on eBay, just before the most recent bubble necklace craze hit.)  I take comfort in knowing I'm not the only goofball who owns multiples of this necklace.  I'm just the goofball who is willing to pay, albeit on sale, a ridiculous amount of money for a plastic necklace!  Thank GOODNESS the rest of the fall jewelry receives a flat "meh" from me.

Thanks for reading!

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