25% off clearance @ my B&M J.Crew today = :)

Just got home from shopping & running some errands. Went out on a mission for wool pencil skirts...ended up w/3. I had to order 2 online from in the store, as my size is nowhere to be found in the Minneapolis area, but I think I got some great deals! The 3 skirts I got are the long herringbone in purple, 50.99; the double surge wool pencil skirt in berry pink, 32.14; and that obnoxious tweed one in purple/blue/pink 22.96. (It looked awesome w/my frye boots!) Tops: the color block top in portobello mushroom, 13.77 (!!!!!!); the maroon & navy collection sequin color block tank, 36.73; and the paisley appliqué top in black, 38.24. Plus a pair of zebra print socks, 5.09; and the bubble earrings in blue, 19.12. Grand total for all of my loot? $220.43! (25% off + 15% off w/free shipping to boot!)

The only thing I'm not convinced I'll keep is the sequin tank. I already have 3 that I hardly ever wear...it was just so pretty w/the rectangular sequins!, and the colors are to DIE for!

Not too shabby! Getting out of bed on Monday will be just a little easier now!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Lucky you for being able to use the educator discount!! My store would not take mine! My store had very little wool skirts left--I would have loved to have tried on the berry pink one. Can't wait to see your outfits!

  2. All were final sale ...correct ? Good deals though. Enjoy.

  3. No! My online order confirmation email has the color block sequin tank, the portobello top and the multi color tweed skirt as NOT final sale! (?) The berry pink wool skirt is, as are all the items I purchased in store (everything else). Might have been an error of the online assistant who placed my order; maybe he got the final sale status of my order order backwards? Not too worried as I tried on all items in store--all we're either one size too small or too large. Except for the berry skirt which IS marked final sale (fingers crossed...). I kind of want to bring in my receipt and have someone check it--I think he also might have under charged me for the skirts. I love a good deal, but I am not deceitful.