Too good to be true...

So I got my email order confirmation yesterday, and I called the online # today; I was under-charged for items, and the final sale status was all mixed up. The rep I talked to thanked me for calling, and the prices will be adjusted. As a thanks for my honesty, she's sending me a special promotional gift. The only final sale item ends up being the multi-colored tweed skirt because of the status of final sale w/the other items online (I can still return the sequin tank if I need to!).

I also asked about combining the in store promo % w/the teacher discount, as Apples & Pencil Skirts was not able to use hers w/the promo yesterday; the rep said that it's store by store. Odd. Not complaining; there's only one store in my area that has ever declined combining the discounts for me. My two favorite locations always will.

I will update what I paid when I get the revised bill--and let you know what the 'promotional gift' ends up being. --never mind, it just arrived via email: a $15 gift card.

Damn you, MN nice!
Thanks for reading!

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