Liebster Blog Question answers

Thanks, again, Egyptomaniac for the nomination. Here are my answers and my OOTD.

1. What is that one special item(clothing/accessory) you never leave the house without? Why?
My remembrance necklace for my dad.

2. If you could only wear one pair of shoes for an entire year, what would they be and why?
What?!? Only one pair of shoes? Is this a trick question? ;). My Jack Purcell sneakers, I guess. That or my Frye boots. Or my J.Crew Viv flats...

3. What's your biggest fashion 'Don't' or trend you avoid at all costs?
Gauchos? Seriously, I guess anything frilly or with excessive bows/ruffles.
4.What's the most expensive item in your closet?

My J.Crew Lexington blazer. Bought it from a friend. Didn't pay full price, (or near what I've seen them go for on eBay), but it still wasn't cheap!

5.Ok, now what's the most treasured item in your closet--the one you wouldn't sell for a million bucks?
See #4.

6. Honestly now, do you dress for yourself or dress for others?
For myself. Colors make me happy. Dressing nice makes me happy.

7. Let's be catty for a moment: Any public figures you'd like to nominate for 'What Not to Wear'?
Ice-T's CoCo?

8. What's the best piece of fashion advice you were ever given?
Try to incorporate texture, color, shine & pattern in every outfit ("What Not to Wear" advice.) ((what happened to that show?!?!))

9. What is your favorite season to dress for? Why?
Autumn/winter; love sweaters & boots!

10.Got any pet peeves or phobias? What kind of crazy do you try to hide from others?
I don't know if it's a phobia, but stray hairs (fallen out of head of hair) drive me nuts. I'm always grabbing them off mine & others' clothes...

11. The holidays are coming up! It wouldn't be the holiday season for you without:________________.
Humbug! I'm not a holiday fanatic at all! Maybe Starbucks' Creme Brûlée latte? Time off school? Snow.

Bonus Question: (cause it's a good one!)
12. I'm assuming we're all fans of J Crew here (or just insert your favorite retailer). If you could give one suggestion/idea/demand/restriction/vent to the designers for future seasons what would it be?
Dear J.Crew,
Please consider re-releasing some of the popular pieces from the past, improve quality and construction, and stay true to the preppy style!

Can't see the colors well, but I went w/a pumpkin theme: orange, green & brown.
Thanks for reading!
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