16. Shopping Vs.

Glory be! Tax returns have arrived. My husband decided to "upgrade" our 5 million pound tv with a new one last weekend. Should have known this wouldn't be an easy task. Try #1: a 51" Plasma. Too big. No need for such extravagance in our small-ish living room; plus, hubby couldn't live with the "glare" on the screen. Back it went. Try #2: a 40" LCD. Too small (strictly husband's opinion). Back it went. Currently viewing try #3: a 46" LCD with built-in wifi, 3D, and "smart apps" (could someone please school me on why these are desirable features?). Time to take a step back and appreciate the subtle differences, men vs. women, when it comes to shopping habits. Maybe I'll get some kind of a cool digital tan from this monster in the living room. Needless to say, I'll be happy to not see the inside of a Best Buy store for a while.

But let's talk about happy shopping--the kind my husband hates. Two "secret" promos on the J.Crew web site leaves me feeling like an outsider. Who gets the info about these promos? How? When? Glad I'm plugged into the J.Crew junkie blogs to learn about these hidden and exclusive promos (maybe one of the bloggers is an undercover J.Crew employee?! My mind does enjoy a good conspiracy theory!). Inevitably, only two of the items I've been stalking were online this morning AND in my size. I put many different combinations of items in my shopping basket, trying to achieve the "free shipping" status. Then I took all but my original two items back out of my shopping cart. Logic says that spending $95 to save 9 is illogical. But I sure tried! Does anyone else do this, or am I just a freak/ideal online shopper?

What I bought: Bermuda shorts in pebble dot in poppy, Crystal strip-link necklace in black.
What I would have bought if the had had them in my size: Viv patent flats in festival green. (The early morning stalking of the sale site continues...)

OOTDs for Tuesday & Wednesday:

Sorry for the lack of outfit details. If you are reading this/care, you probably can tell what pieces I have on (all JC minus my beloved DD necklace). If not and you really want to know, feel free to ask! My eyes are closing as I am typing. Time to say good night!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. love the first outfit!
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