It's the small things...

OOTDs for today and yesterday:
I ended up swapping out the blue paisley necklace for a multi-chain gold one, tucking the front of the shirt in and adding a gold belt to this outfit before I flew out the door this morning. Love this shirt, even at the steep price point.
I liked this outfit a lot; it made me happy. This skirt is really, really awesome. Despite the loud, bright colors, I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. I got a lot of compliments. Funny, people often say, "I wish I could wear bright colors like that." It's a print skirt and a black tee, people, not a neon sign.

Despite being extremely busy this week, it has been a good one. Exciting news from the MN state testing front: earlier this week, one of our students--not under my supervision, thank God!--actually threw up all over their state test booklet. Take that, MCAs! Kid, sorry that you weren't feeling well, but you made my day.

And today was one of those days that just gave me a perma-grin. We had a tornado drill (leave classroom, move into windowless hallway, sit on (dirty) floor facing wall...) My juniors grudgingly headed out when the alarm went off, and with a little nudging, sat on the floor. I found a place on the floor at the far end of the line. Events like these always bring out the true goof in me (admittedly inappropriate for the seriousness of the drill): "Let's do the wave!" One half wave, then a full wave ensued. Then, from the middle of the line somewhere, "Telephone! Someone start a telephone message!" Two messages sent and delivered before the 'all clear' bell rang. Giggling, smiling, and, might I add, successful survivors of a imaginary serious weather threat, my seventeen-ish year old students and I returned to the classroom. I love when the same students who try so hard to act like grown-ups--tough, mature, gangster--allow themselves to enjoy being silly. Me, too.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?

I wonder what surprises tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for reading!


  1. love the first outfit especially!
    i became a follower.

    1. Thanks, Ina! I view your blog regularly and am often inspired by your outfit choices. : )

  2. Great outfits! I love the print on the skirt; wish they'd bring that print back.

  3. Thanks, shopalot. I agree! I have yet to fall as deeply in love with any of their new prints as I have with their old ones. Thank goodness for eBay!