Pimms anyone?

Wooooo Hoooooo!

It sure doesn't take much to make me a happy camper.  I went out with some of my colleagues last night.  At first, I wasn't thrilled at the choice in location, but the little Irish pub called Merlin's Rest turned out to be a nice treat.  They serve Pimms!  Yummy!  What's not to love about an adult beverage filled with strawberries, cucumbers, green apple and orange slices and fresh mint?  I fell in love with this drink when I was in London years ago.  It's just such a hassle to mix a single drink at home.  I could have stuck a straw in the pitcher and sucked the whole thing down myself.  Easy to guess where I will be on hot, lazy evenings this summer!  : )

Today I went to J.Crew to return my (neon) jewelry and to exchange my Sperry Top-Siders--one of the grommets came out on the first wear!  I really didn't see a whole lot of things that I wanted to try on, but my hubby was with, so I didn't feel like I could take my time.  I looked at the pink and navy color block cardigan that I love online.  It was already sold out in my size at that location, so I didn't try it on.  My thoughts?  Beautiful colors, but such a light-weight fabric for the price!  I did grab a cream/black striped tee and, as luck would have it, someone had returned a Schoolboy blazer in tipped linen in my size.  Fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on, so that came home with me, too.

After leaving the mall, we stopped at a few thrift stores.  I bought only one item:  a pair of J.Crew chino shorts in that super light (shell?) pink color from maybe two or three summers ago...in my size...with the tags still attached...for $7.99.  Yippee!  At the cash register, I learned that they were an additional 50% off.  $3.99.  Score!  Now it just needs to get warm enough to wear them!

I'm thinking about going to another mall tonight; I hate sitting on the couch on the weekends, even though it is abysmally cold and rainy here today--perfect for snuggling on the couch under the blankets with my mini dachshunds.   Maybe there's time to do both!

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Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and, as always, thanks for reading!

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