I went to an exhibit this week that one of my students helped create at the MN History Museum.  To my surprise, this cheery art greeted me on my way in.  Love big-letter post cards!  Thought I'd greet you with it, too.

Here's my OOTD from Friday.  I ended up swapping out the black shoes for some bright yellow flats.  POP!
It was a good week, all-in-all.  I've begun my summer search for just the right bike accessories.  I've been looking for many, many years, but can't seem to find the right bag/basket/pannier/handle bar bag that hits the right note.  They're either too industrial/military looking, or the wrong size.  When I find something I like, my bike isn't set up to accommodate it.  I don't want to add things I can't take off to my bike.  I'm already sort-of regretting having fenders added to my Marin bike last summer.  When you search online, there are TONS of awesome choices...in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands.  I thought I found a winner with Po Campo, but I'd need to install a rack that attached to the axle or frame because I have a shock-post seat.  Here are some of the cute bags I found online that won't work:

These are by a company called Fast Rider out of the Netherlands.  I found them on the Australian web site Cycle Style.  The one on the left is sold out, and the company's catalog doesn't have any information about ordering or retail locations.  The one on the right is not made any more.  'S all good; both need a back rack, which I can't do.

I ended up purchasing this Po Campo bag for my handlebars:

Certainly not big enough to fit anything but the bare necessities.  But I have a need for that.  Now I'm considering Timbuk2 messenger bags.  They have the option of designing your own, which I like.  Here's what I'm considering ordering:

Timbuk2 is offering 30% off to recycle old bags; I happen to have one I've used only once or twice.  My question is what size to order, small or medium.  And whether it would work as a tote bag/purse, too.  I went to REI to "try some on", but they didn't carry the small size.  The straps seemed twisty to carry the medium on one shoulder (vs. cross-body), and it felt a little large on my side, but not across my back.  I like that it doesn't look like it will look like a bike bag from the photo above.  But I'd want it to be useful as a bag when I'm not on my bike, too.  Custom orders cannot be returned, so I've got to be sure.

Decisions, decisions.

I guess I'll send off my old bag regardless, then decide when I get the discount coupon emailed to me.  I like that they recycle them by giving them to others in need.  : )

Thanks for reading!

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