Anti-climactic New Arrivals @ JC B&M

I decided, after receiving an email from my PS, to go check out the new arrivals last night. A complete waste of time, IMO. I really tried hard to find something to try on to make the trip worth it, but the only thing I could find was the Zip Front dress. Looked cute on, but the seaming around the neck curve had odd puckers. For $88, and despite liking the fit, weight of the fabric and style, it was a pass. Here's a photo IRL: (still trying to get the hang of taking pictures of my outfits...) I should've snapped a close-up of the neck. It was like the fabric stretched but the thread used for the seam didn't. I guess you can sort of see it just to the left of my phone.
And here are my past few OOTD Ta-Dahs.

...for today:
I got a lot of compliments on this jacket. Could've just been from my smile from wearing the jacket. Outfit: Banana Republic jean skirt, frye boots, JC Oxford jacket, JC gray "England" Tee, dahlia belt.

...and here was my outfit yesterday:Outfit: JC gray stretch capris, JC gray silk cami, JC Berry Trim Astrid jacket, JC dahlia belt, Born flats.

But wait! My photography gets worse! Here is a botched school bathroom attempt from last week:What can I say?! It was the only mirror in school that would work. (I felt strangely sneaky going into the bathroom with my camera to take a picture of my outfit...)
Outfit: (All JC) Viridian green wool pencil skirt, gray cable cardigan, gray/white striped ruffle collar short sleeve blouse, paisley necklace, black Roadster boots.

Hope my photography gets better with practice!
Thanks for reading.

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