LOVE Saturdays...

Hubby and I got out of the house and went on a mini road trip on Saturday, then out for dinner and a movie. We headed to Hastings and Red Wing to stroll through the antique stores. Always a fun way to spend a lazy day. I'm always tempted to buy vintage hats (they are so beautiful!), but, alas--maybe thankfully--my head is too big!

We went out to The Good Earth restaurant for dinner, my choice. We'd never been there before. What a treat! The menu was surprisingly unique and well-varied, and the prices were very reasonable. I ended up choosing a pomegranate-rubbed braised pork w/quinoa-pomegranate-kale. Mmmm. But, I was actually envious of the woman at the table next to me. She'd ordered the side of veggies, and it was a plate full of cauliflower, brussel sprouts, carrots, red peppers, red beets and other yummy veggies. It came with two side sauces of some kind. Maybe a horseradish and a hummus? Next time! If anyone is looking for a low-cal dine out option, you can't go wrong, or hungry, with that option!

We then went to see Wanderlust. The movie got such mediocre reviews; I have no idea why. Hilarious! Maybe if you go with no/low expectations, the possibility of being pleasantly surprised is far greater. Just a fun movie (although I left the theater wondering when the taboo of actually showing male genitalia was lifted...) Hm.

So here is Sunday with another long week ahead. We're reading The Great Gatsby in my classes right now. I was able to get a few kids excited with the promise that a new Gatsby movie with with Leonardo in it is on the horizon. Don't know if I'll go see it. I went to see the play at the Guthrie theater a few years back and the performance left such a memorable impression on me, I don't know if I want it replaced. That book is one that gets better and better with age (mine, that is). I recommend picking it up again.

Thanks for reading!

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