It's not easy being green

Green is my favorite color. Sadly, I find it hard to wear. I have no idea why. I have two pairs of green flats that have never been worn in my closet. The green items I own that have a life outside my closet are two blazers, two cashmere sweaters a pair of casual capri pants, and this sweater.
OOTD: J.Crew high waist black jeans, Gap short sleeved T-shirt, J.Crew linen sweater, J.Crew striped scarf, and Sperry patent loafers.

I do like the green/black/white color combination, but it certainly lacks creativity. (In my defense, sometimes it's hard to be creative on a Friday morning...) I considered a white or striped button down shirt under the sweater, but that just seemed too warm and stuffy for today. C'est la vie. Or, perhaps, with a nod to St. Patrick's day, Sin mar atá an saol!

Thanks for reading!

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