It just never ends...

Another weekend, another mission...

Quest for:

I live right in the heart of Minneapolis, so there are 5 different J.Crew stores within driving distance to me without too much hassle. Each has its perks. I find the most awesome returns, usually in the clearance section, at the Edina store, and if I'm looking for a rogue size or color, Rosedale is usually my first stop. Mall of America is by far the largest store and easiest to get to, but sizes there sell out fast. But I digress. On a mission this weekend, I visited three.

On a mission, yes indeed. For the past two weeks, I have been putting the sapphire blue Cece suede ballet flats into my online shopping cart, then taking them back out again. Just couldn't seem to leave the suckers alone. I have never purchased a new pair of shoes from J.Crew, and I hadn't tried them on to check sizes anyways. So I headed to the Edina B&M to try them on. They didn't have the sapphire blue in my size. I'm thinking, despite liking the iris ones I've tried on to gauge fit and comfort, that maybe the price is just too high. Maybe I can find something similar elsewhere for less. Surely some store out there has a pair of royal blue ballet flats. You would think.

I searched high and low for two days at three malls, some thrift and consignment stores and online for another pair of royal blue ballet flats that I liked as much. Nope. So, I bit the bullet. Thankfully, Rosedale J.Crew had the color in my size. I really hope they'll be worth the money. With my teacher discount, they were $109.

Isn't it funny how a price point like that can seem extremely reasonable and at the same time outrageously high? I love the show "What Not to Wear" and have often heard Stacy consult buyers that the true cost of an item is the price divided by the number of times worn. I guess. This blue is NOT a staple color in my wardrobe, but I think it will look fantastic as a color pop with my oranges, reds, yellows... Maybe I should keep track and see what the end value is. Maybe not.

Sometimes I justify buying at full retail price with paying low prices in thrift/consignment stores. (This makes NO sense, as I am still spending more money for more items, regardless of the prices...) This weekend I found a pair of classic capris in light gray and an older cotton/silk shirt in blacks and grays in a paisley print. Total cost for the two items? $20. Not the greatest bargain ever, but not too shabby either. And, the two make an outfit--that hardly ever happens when thrifting. As I drove home from the mall today, shoes in tote, the voice in my head told me that my three purchased items totaled $122. Divided by 3 = $40-something apiece. Hm.

Shut up, voice.

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