My Kitschen

My kitchen looks like it was decorated by a kindergartener, and I love it. The 'theme' is travel, and the color scheme is 'bright'. My window curtain is homemade with a license plate motif fabric, and real license plates adorn the wall space above the cabinets. I have too many magnets from places I've been on my refrigerator to count. KitchenAid mixer? Fuschia. KitchenAid blender? Tangerine orange. Toaster? Turquoise. Coffee pot? Sadly, my bright yellow Cuisinart 'Guy Smiley Happy-Maker' (circa early 1990s?) has died, and despite every effort to find a bright colored replacement that brews a good cuppa, the new one is stainless and black. Industrial and cold. I am returning the beautiful DeLonghi bright yellow machine to Crate and Barrel because its performance was awful. My hubby and I have had many an argument about coffee pots recently; he is thrilled with the new manly-man pot. Me? Not so much.

Why, KitchenAid, why!!??

Your mixers come in so many bright, lovely colors! It's like the pretty colors are reserved for the upper crust appliances, while the bourgeois work horses (coffee pot, toaster) are mandated dull, standard, practical uniform garb. How about the option to custom order? (I've sent these inquiries directly to KitchenAid to no avail...) *sigh*. Feeling no love the new coffee pot. Maybe I can paint some bright paisley designs on it, or at least slap a smiley face sticker on it.

I broke down and bought the Technivorm Moccamaster (cha-ching!) thinking that if I can't be happy standing there watching my coffee brew, I can at least be happy drinking my coffee. I hope that some tweaking in the brewing process yields a better cup than this morning's. Again, no love.

One of these things is not like the others....

On a happier note, I got my J.Crew order in the mail Thursday evening. Love the Viv leather flats in rooftop red. They rock! Just the right shade of red. Sized up 1/2 size and they felt snug when I put them on, but as the day went by, they melted to my feet. The eyelet blazer I ordered will be going back. The gray one from last year looks much more appealing with the stripes of eyelet rather than an all-over eyelet pattern, imo. I will be watching eBay for a gray one from last year in a 12.

Spring break is finally here, Hooray! No work = more casual attire for me, and more than likely fewer OOTD pics. Although, I've often been critical of my weekend attire--why I can't be more fashionable when not at work? Maybe I'll try to motivate myself to post staycation OOTDs for some suggestions.

Here was my OOTD from Thursday, my last day with students:
J.Crew black capri pants, striped T-shirt and suede wedge sandals. Dinosaur Designs choker.

Thanks for reading!

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