Holding on for Friday

(Another head to toe J. Crew outfit): J.Crew Long No. 2 pencil skirt in sovereign paisley {love}, perfect shirt in navy, older ?navy/black? suede flats, mixed media (my name for it) necklace and gold bangle bracelets. Sorry the lighting is so poor.

This week has been exhausting. I was speaking with a colleague today about some of the challenges teachers face, sometimes daily. When one of our students is in 'crisis' and that crisis comes into our classrooms, we need to make quick and appropriate decisions about how to best address the students' needs (the one, and the all). After the immediate challenge is dealt with, we must spin back around and conduct the business of educating the other students without missing a beat. Who else has to do that regularly? The time we get to process and mentally heal ourselves comes much later, after the papers get corrected, tomorrow's lessons get planned, and our own families and interests get some attention. (How do teachers with children--how do single parent teachers do it?!)

We do what we do out of a love and genuine concern for the well being of our students. I wouldn't want any other job in the world. No two years, days or hours are ever alike. We are tasked with the serious and important work of educating sometimes 30+ diversely unique minds at one time. Elementary teachers are fortunate; the younger students who spend the majority of their day with one teacher often ooze adoration for their teachers. Teenagers? High school teenagers? Not so much so. We share one hour a day with them, and construct relationships and trust as best we can in the time we have. If we are lucky, they will return to say hello or send an email. More than likely, we live with the hope and faith that they are successful and happy in their adult lives, and that somehow we had a small roll in making that happen.

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