Cheering up a Monday

OOTD Ta-Dah!
Monday, March 5
With the help of my awesome colleague, I'm going to attempt to perform an "ootd ta-dah" every day. Mondays are so tough; who doesn't need something cheerful to look at to get through the day? My challenge with this ensemble this morning was accessorizing. It's a pretty simple outfit, but I felt that almost all the earrings and bracelets I tried were just too busy looking. So I went without. Except for the statement necklace--my latest 'thing'. I never used to put much attention into accessories, but I've accumulated quite a stash of belts, chunky necklaces and scarves over the past two years.

The boiler in out school was out over the weekend; I picked the wrong day to wear a short sleeved sweater! BUT, it's supposed to get up into the 50s tomorrow. Bring it!

Today's outfit: J.Crew Floral Taffeta Capris, J.Crew black patent Biella loafers, black cashmere sweater, J.Crew necklace.

Thanks for reading!

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