Why I stalk eBay

Hello, Spring! These purchases from eBay arrived in the mail today:
Citrus lime? (neon yellow) tulip jacket
Berry trim Astrid jacket in plum
Cherry blossom Capri pants
(Photos from polyvore and google images)

I love finding older J.Crew items on eBay. Especially when I can get them at a great price. I've purchased many awesome items that have arrived with all tags in tact. I was skeptical about the Astrid jacket, but I fell in love with it as soon as I got it out of the packaging. It's a much deeper, more saturated purple than any picture I've seen of it. It really is a gorgeous jacket. And the tulip jacket? Well, it's a bit brighter than what I was expecting, but I love it, too. I'm willing to pay $50 or less on eBay for an older, quality jacket. It certainly is better than paying $150+ for a new jacket with no signature detailing.

Side note: did anyone see the "sample" plum Oxford jacket on eBay this weekend? I watched it just to see how quickly it would sell. BIN price? $450! It did have the 'best offer' option. Either way, it was sold in a day. Boy! I'm happy to see that some sellers are still offering reasonable prices for used items. Except for shoes...what's up with that?

Since I seem to be heading into a soft rant, I'll add that I find it distasteful for sellers to resell clearance outlet items (you know the items--black lines on the tags) for higher than the online/B&M sale prices. I have to believe they picked them up for a fraction of what they're selling them for; especially if they got them from a warehouse sale. Making an offer is almost always a joke. Shame on you greedy people! I guess as long as there's a demand, there will be a supply.

On a kinder note, any other eBay "regulars" notice the JC items often listed on the eBay seller's store, "Linda's Closet"? Where does she find this stuff? I've seen some very cool items in her eBay store.

Just sayin'.

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