"How fickle is woman!" ~Gone with the Wind (Both apply)

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately about other women's obsession with J.Crew specifically, but with shopping in general. I have to credit quite a few of my recent purchases to visiting blogs. I have three triggers that will make me want to purchase:

1) I see the outfit on someone else online (or in the store) and it/they look adorable. Many items I like come to life when I see them on other people. Maybe that's why sites like polyvore and pintrest are so popular. My blue suede Cece ballet flats fall into this category. Saw them on an SA in one of the NYC stores.

2) I see an item has limited quantity or has sold out. This prompts an immediate quest for this "much sought after" item. This would be the Crystal Brulee necklace. I looked at those suckers so many times in the stores last fall thinking, "They're pretty, but not my colors." Now I've got two; the blue from eBay, and the rose on an online popback. And I grabbed the new version in gold a few weeks back, too.

3) Item @ "like" status is on sale. Especially "staple" pieces. This would be today's purchases.

Yesterday, I was in the store and could find nothing worthy of bring tried on. Today, I purchased three pencil skirts (warm jade, casablanca blue and royal purple) and the Jacquard dot popover. All formerly in the "like" category, but on sale today, except the popover-which I bought as a top that wasn't a t-shirt and could be worn with all three.

Not sure if I'll keep all three or not. Have to see what I (don't) have to wear with them.

Thanks for reading!

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