Pet Peeves

Since I seem to be in a rather snarky place, I thought I'd publish a list of pet peeves, inspired by an event at school today. So let's start there, and I'll add as they come to mind:

Unjust praising to avoid "winners" and "losers". Our school has re-started a "Student of the Week" award. Before I proceed, please note the singular noun, 'student'. Published today: four students earning the award. Granted, I work in a high school and there was a student awarded in each grade, but what is the harm in recognizing one for truly exemplary and meritorious actions, and letting others aspire to achieve the same recognition. Rewarding four students somehow cheapened the integrity and value of the award, in my mind.

People who stop at the top or bottom of escalators. Really? How, in the middle of a mall, can people be totally oblivious to the other people around them? Step aside, people!

People who are unable to listen. We all know at least one. They have to have the last word, and are absolute masters at twisting any topic to be about themselves. The only sympathy they get from me is a general assumption that they are seriously lacking self esteem. Maybe I need to be a poorer listener. Or learn to hide better.

Sequels/Remixes. With very few exceptions, #2, 3, 4... are never as good as #1. Are there really no new ideas for movies, books, tv shows, songs, etc. out there? Or is the almighty dollar sign behind their creation? Exception: movie/book sagas when a whole story is divided into parts.

My husband's clutter. Enough said.

Bloggers who take crappy photos of their outfits. Wait, that would be me! Oops! : )

OOTD: Banana Republic denim skirt, J. Crew Impressionist Floral cami, J. Crew pink linen/cotton blend cardigan from summer '11, J. Crew gold belt, Ecco strappy wedge sandals.

Thanks for reading! (I'm not always so kvetchy.)

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