Wanted: the return of the kitten heel

My blue suede Cece ballet flats were returned on Saturday. They've been sitting in the box in my closet since I bought them (a bad sign for one of my purchases). Like, but no love. Also in the return bag: all three pencil skirts and the polka dot popover. I wore the green skirt one time, and the back seam near the back slit had come undone. Grrrrr! I sometimes wonder whether the quality of the first shipments of merchandise is far better than later restock shipments. ("Hey! They're buying it! Shift into high gear and get another ga-zillion made and into the stores by next week!")

Of course, I just couldn't make my return and walk out of the store. I tried on the Valencia pumps in rooftop red. Now these are shoes I LOVE, but I am totally convinced I'd not wear them enough to justify the price. (Lifestyle I want, but don't have.) Yes, I suppose I could wear them to work, but pointy red heels at school? And would I survive 9+ hours on my feet in them? Online bloggers rave about how comfortable they are, but are these women at desks all day? Or are they the 3+" heel-wearers whose feet revel in these moderate beauties? Needless to say, I left them there. I spy a pair on eBay right now...maybe at a lower price, the heels might be worth the risk... I loved the color and shape so much that I ordered the Viv flats in rooftop red. (And the eyelet schoolboy blazer in ivory, too.)

Kitten heel, J. Crew! Bring back the kitten heel!

I also bought another pair of shoes while I was there. The Lucca suede sandals in apricot mist. They fit the bill for a lower heel and a nude color. It was a toss-up between the Lucca sandals and the Olympia suede wedges, as both came in that 'nude' color. I thought the Luccas might be more easily dressed up or down.

No pics of my weekend outfits. Saturday I wore crop jeans, a gray striped button-down-the-back T-shirt, the red sophie peacoat sweater jacket and patent gray ballet flats. (Head2toe JC.)
Saturday night I downloaded The Hunger Games on my iPad and stayed up until 1:30 to finish it. (How's that for ocd?! This is why I can't/don't read for fun during the school year...) Not a literary masterpiece by any stretch, but it was interesting.
Today I am wearing sweats and am NOT leaving the house! : )
This past Friday's OOTD: J. Crew drawstring mini {LOVE} and silk ruffle cascade jacket, Kenneth Cole T-shirt, and J. Crew Liv gold patent ballet flats. Much better than Thursday.

1 week until spring break! Hooray!
Thanks for reading!

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