A Grrrrrrreat Tuesday!

I love being a teacher and working with teenagers. Really. The past two days have been dull for me as my students were doing a summative assessment for our poetry unit--not much interaction or conversation. But I am excited about the progress they're making toward being skilled text analysts.

Temperature here today? 57! I had to take a walk down to the neighborhood bakery and get a cookie and a coffee. I actually sat on my back deck for an hour or so when I got home. We Minnesotans know to enjoy what we can while we can, as often we get a March blast that coincides with state basketball/hockey tournaments near the end of the month. The saving grace is that we know it will melt fast. Spring is bittersweet; love the birds nest-building and the budding of plants--hate packing beloved wool sweaters, blazers and boots away for the year. I'll have to make it a point to give the boot/sweater combo a last hurrah while I can.

On a side note, I dropped off some pants for tailoring yesterday and stopped in at one of my favorite consignment stores. They usually have a few JC items; I've found some of the best jewelry there. No jewelry, but I found the green J.Crew 'school of fish' clea tank from yesteryear.

Cute, cute, cute! The fabric is so soft! AND, it's got pockets! Not the 'school of fish' skirt I hope to find, but fishy just the same!

OOTD Ta-Dah!
Tuesday, March 6

J.Crew wool capris, J.Crew herringbone Bella jacket, J.Crew orange zebra striped sweater, J.Crew sequined tank, Ann Taylor animal print belt, White Mountain black suede wedges, Dinasaur Design necklace and earrings.

Thanks for reading!

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